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      Thermal Solution for Computer Industry


      For notebook computers, usually due to the very limited heat dissipation space, it is extremely difficult to design the heat dissipation module. For the heat dissipation module of the notebook computer, a higher-end product-liquid metal naturally appears.

      Liquid metal is a kind of wonderful metal. They are liquid at room temperature and can flow freely like water, but they have the characteristics of metal. Its thermal conductivity and ability to absorb heat are far greater than traditional thermal conductivity agents such as methanol and water. It is an ideal heat transfer medium for a new generation of radiators. These interesting physical properties and important engineering values were rarely known in the past. 

      Generally speaking, for the liquid metal solution of notebook computers, liquid metal is added to the high-speed processing chip to contact the chassis for heat dissipation. The internal parts of the notebook usually have more aluminum structures. In this case, liquid metal can be added. Make a close and seamless contact between the metal structure and the chip structure, which can achieve a good heat conduction and heat dissipation effect. Compared with installing a fan, liquid metal can achieve a better mute effect; for notebook computers, adding liquid metal There can be many places, such as wireless network modules, central processing units, south and north bridge chipsets and so on.


      Nowadays, liquid metal has been widely used in the filling between high-power chips such as the south bridge, north bridge, power management chip, CPU, graphics card and heat dissipation of notebook computers. The heat conduction and heat dissipation effects are good, so that the heat source and the radiator can be in close contact. , So as to improve the heat dissipation effect, so as to ensure the long-term stable operation of machinery and equipment.

      The application of liquid metal in notebook computers has the irreplaceable advantages of other thermal conductivity materials. The application of liquid metal in notebook computers can fully reflect the high heat dissipation performance of "liquid metal" heat dissipation technology to meet the needs of market users and improve heat transfer efficiency !